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Hardin County Main Street is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation, organized in April of 2000 to serve as an umbrella organization for groups and committees seeking to improve the community and promote economic development in Hardin County, Illinois.

In Appreciation

Hardin County Main Street would like to thank everyone who has provided photos, information, articles and countless volunteer hours to develop this site. Without this community effort this site would not have been possible. While we have attempted to be as accurate as possible, we know discrepancies and inaccuracies can occur. We ask that you help us in that regard by submitting your suggestions, corrections or comments to

Our Mission Statement:

"The Hardin County Main Street Organization is a unified, county effort to restore and revitalize our historical heritage and community pride by capitalizing on our economic assets and promoting our scenic and natural resources."


Copyright Statement:


You will notice there are many photos on this site. All photos on this site are copyright the photographer, and may not be taken off of this site without permission from the photographer. Credits are posted on the credits page.


Content and Design is copyright Hardin County Main Street. You may not take anything from this site without permission from the board. Please email for more information.


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